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  • Awesome wallpaper! I am so happy that you made a Bill one!

  • Zitat: „Original von Jimmi24 @Jack&AudreyFan8: Yeah, it's just so difficult to find some pics that are actually usable for a wallpaper. Glad you like it! If you want anything special, feel free to ask me, I don't mind “ Would you mind making a Karen/Bill wallpaper please? I love them as a couple and I don't see too many arts made of them together. Thanks!

  • Jimmi! Great job on the Karen & Bill wallpaper. I love the background and the pictures just illuminate. Would you mind making the same one with the text "Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan" instead of Bill Buchanan and Karen Hayes please? No problem if not. Thanks! The Kiefer wallpaper is great! Thanks so much!

  • Zitat: „Original von Jimmi24 @Jack&AudreyFan8: No problem, changed it [url][/URL] Jim“ Thanks so much Jim! It's awesome!

  • Zitat: „Original von Jimmi24 Danke Ein paar Avas hätte ich auch noch im Angebot, nur eins von 24, drei von Prison Break. Jim“ This one kills me. So sad! Great job though! Where did you get the screencaps from? I have been searching for them from last night's episode and can't find any yet.

  • Beautiful wallpapers! I especially love the Bill one! I also think the white text works better.

  • Zitat: „Original von Jimmi24 @Jack&AudreyFan8: Thanks, already thought you'd like that one - I mean, it's Bill, right? “ lol Right!