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  • It looks like we won't be getting here

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    We had the Maiden of Lust, a small boss, in Diablo III, who taunted the gamers as they made their way to Hell. It looks like we won't be getting here buy Diablo 4 Gold, thank goodness. Succubi are all interesting and all, but do you want a demon? Was regal and foreboding. Her gaze was ice-cold, lacking any of the fire one could associate with a succubus. She actually appeared matriarchal. Why did Blizzard seemingly opt to create Lilith the brand new big bad of Diablo IV? For a start, she is not …

  • I've had more fun playing MyTeam in NBA 2K20 this year than I have since the mode was created, but there are still a couple of things about the quality that irks me. Everyone hates contracts, and that meaningless aspect of the mode will be removed for NBA 2K20, however, that is not the subject of my rant today. As I toil through Domination, because I'm inherently possessed with completing all the challenges and benchmarks NBA 2K MT sets before me MyTeam, I can't help but wonder how this tough gr…