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    • Original von RedDana
      ...da sagter Jack ihr, dass Tony es nicht wahrhaben will und eigentlich er die Beziehung beendet hatte.

      Jo, so sagte es Jack und ich finde das deckt sich mit der Person Michelle, wie wir sie kennen: Sie würde Tony nie einfach so aufgeben, bloss weil er ein Job- & Alkoholproblem hat - ich stelle mir das eher so vor, das Tony sich nicht helfen lassen wollte, sich allen Bemühungen von Michelle wiedersetzt hat und sie damit zur Vezweiflung gebracht hat - ich denke, da haben sich bittere Szenen abgespielt - böse Worte gefallen ... bis Michelle einfach nicht mehr konnte.

      Ich stelle es mir so vor, das sie den Schritt gemacht, aber er hat sie quasi dazu gezwungen. Und DAS will er heute nicht wahrhaben.

      Mal schauen ... ist nur ne Idee :)
    • Also ich bin bei der ganzen Trennungsgeschichte schon eher auf Michelles Seite.

      Ich sehe es ziemlich änlich wie "Cooldown"!

      (Ist nur ein kleiner Punkt aber was mich auch ziemlich störte war die Deutscheübersetzung. Ich glaube Jack sagte zu Audrey sowas wie: ... und dann hat Tony Schluss gemacht!" Wenn ich mich recht erinnere sagte er im Orginal aber sowas wie: "er hat sie verstossen"! Wie gesagt ist nur eine winzig kleine Sache aber sie ging mir nicht aus dem Kopf.)

      Ich hab vor kurzem eine Fanfiction im Netz entdeckt, welche dieses Thema umfasst. Es ist nur eine Fanfiction. Also von einem Fan frei erfunden. Aber ich stellte mir die ganze Geschichte ziemlich genau so vor!

      Für die, welche Interesse haben poste ich sie hier. Ich halte diese Fanfiction für sehr gelungen. Sie ist aber sehr traurig :(

      The End!

      Glass shattered as the bottle struck the wall.

      “Michelle, I swear if you don’t stop bitching at me….”

      “What, Tony, you will get your ass up of the couch? Like there is any chance of that happening.” Tony looked up to see his wife angrier than he had ever seen before, standing in the doorway, curls in a mess, the heat of her anger seeming to radiate from her.

      Maybe he should just try to do what she wanted. How much trouble would it really be to go out of the house with her, if it would make her happy?

      But she knew he hated going out. She knew people still recognized him. A traitor to his own country. And she didn’t care. She had stopped caring the moment he got out of jail. It seemed he had barely gotten his first breath of fresh air, and she was already on his case. ‘Get a job Tony, Lets get out of the house Tony, Do you really need another beer Tony?’ If she would just leave him the hell alone. He had given up everything for her, didn’t she understand that?

      “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” he yelled, as he felt his own anger rising inside of him. She didn’t understand him anymore, and she didn’t even try to.

      “You know full well what I mean! The only time your ass leaves that couch is to get another drink. And I am sick of it! I know what you gave up, but it is time to move on with your life! Can’t you see that?”

      With that comment, his rage exploded, “You know what I gave up, Michelle? Do you really know, or do you think you know? Because if you really knew, you wouldn’t be bitching at me all the time. If you really understood, you would leave me the FUCK ALONE!!!”

      Michelle’s voice lowered as she replied, “ I don’t leave you alone Tony because I can see what you’re doing to yourself. And its killing me to watch you do it. You’re drunk at all hours of the day. You leave for hours, even days on end, without even a mention of where you are going, when you will be back or who you are with,” she continued, emphasizing the last words, “I don’t know whether you are driving around drunk or so out of it that you are passed out in some alley somewhere. And as hard as a try I can’t help you.”

      “I never said I needed your help, or anyone else’s,” Tony replied coldly, as he grabbed another beer, “I don’t need you to worry about me. And about your accusations. Do you really think that the man you married would be cheating on you? I don’t appreciate those fucking accusations, Michelle. I gave up everything, EVERYTHING, for you and you don’t give a damn. I shouldn’t have bothered. It sure as hell wasn’t worth it”

      With each word Michelle could feel the stream of tears falling harder and harder down her face as she replied, “ I’m sorry that you feel that way Tony. I am so sorry for ruining your life. But can’t you see that you are no longer the man I married? You’re not the man I fell in love with. I can’t do this anymore Tony, I can’t.” With that she stood and walked out of the room.

      He knew he should follow her, he knew he should tell her he didn’t mean it when he said she wasn’t worth it, because he didn’t believe it. He couldn’t even talk himself into believing it. He knew that he would do it again, even if it meant a lifetime of jail, knowing how awful it was to spend just a few months there. He knew he should tell her all of this, but he also knew that he wouldn’t. He couldn’t tell her, she wouldn’t understand. He had taken an oath to protect the citizens of America, and he had broken it. He had committed treason, like Nina had committed treason. And to know he would do it again in a second…. He was no better than she was.

      So instead he sunk lower into the couch, and downed the entire bottle of beer, and helped himself to another. With each sip the world got blurrier, his thoughts less clear, both positive things in his mind. He was tired of thinking. He deserved this escape from reality. As he began to pass out he saw Michelle walk out of their bedroom with a bag in each hand.

      “What’s going on, where are you going?” He managed to get the words out, his speech a bit slurred. As drunk as he was, he could tell what was happening and he could feel his eyes burning, a small tear trickling down his cheek.

      “I told you Tony. I can’t do this anymore. Living with you everyday, its eating away at me. And I can’t do it anymore.” Tears were streaming down her face, and she sat beside him.

      “ I love you Tony Almeida. More than you or I could ever understand. But I can’t keep living this life. I know you know that this is not the life that you sacrificed everything to give me. I want to feel happiness again. And as long as I stay here, watching as you fade further and further from me… Away from you Tony, I may never know the joy that I knew when things were good with us. But unless I leave, I know that I will be eaten away inside, because I can’t live this empty life anymore. I can’t keep trying to help you pick up the pieces of your life if you’re not willing to be helped.”

      As her words faded away, she leaned in to him, kissing him, hard, full of the passion that was the core of their relationship. She pulled away, her forehead still resting against his as she managed to whisper, “I love you so much. You have to understand that is the reason I have to leave. Please don’t try to stop me.”

      Tears streaming down her face, Michelle stood up and picked up her bags, and walked silently out the front door.

      Still in shock, Tony sat on the couch, beer bottle still in his hands, as his tears fell uninhibited.

      Michelle walked slowly to the edge of the drive. As she saw her cab turning around the corner, she paused for a moment, and glanced back, only for a second at the home she and Tony had shared for so long. But she only allowed herself a second before she wiped away her tears and stepped into the waiting taxi.

      As Tony saw the cab pull away through the window, he let out a loud choking scream as he hurled his beer bottle against the wall for the second time that night. Racking sobs coursing through his body, he got off the couch, flinging everything within his reach across the room. His self loathing escalated as his rampage continued until he finally passed out on the bed he and Michelle had once shared. As consciousness slipped away from him he couldn’t stop thinking, he had done it.

      He had lost her!

      Die fanfic stammt von "Neptun" hier ist noch ein Link. Dort findet ihr noch mehr Fanfictions von ihm!

      Livejournal neptun3637

      glg NY152
      [CENTER]I love the relationship between Tony and Michelle[/CENTER]
      [CENTER]forever in 24-twentyfour[/CENTER]

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    • Wie ich hier irgendwo erwähnt hab stehe ich bei der Trennungsgeschichte auch auf Michelles Seite und bin schon gespannt ob die Szene aufgrund der Deutschen Synchro wirklich (wieder einmal) anders rüberkommt.

      „Er hat sie verstoßen“ trifft es meiner Meinung nach gut aber noch nicht ganz genau. Im Original sagt Jack jedenfalls: „He pushed her away”. Und ich glaube Jack weiß diesbezüglich wovon er spricht :tongue: .
    • Jetzt kenn ich mich überhaupt nimmer aus!

      Am Anfang hieß es Michelle hat Tony verlassen (Audrey sagt ja, is nicht die beste Art sich dazu bedanken dass Tony für sie ins Feuer gegangen ist)

      Später dann wars umgekehrt!

      Also wie wars nun wirklich, kenn mich nimmer aus!
    • Aber genau das wurde hier doch diskutiert. Michelle hat Tony verlassen, nachdem er sich nach der Entlassung aus dem Gefängnis so daneben benommen hat (hängen lassen, Alkohol, Depressisonen), bis sie es irgendwann nicht mehr ausgehalten hat.

      Von daher war er indirekt schuld, sie war es aber, die die Koffer gepackt hat.

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    • Also diese Folge ist am Anfang ziemlich spannungslos. Ein bisschen zu vrohersehbar alles. Tony redet übrigens am undeutlichsten von allen. Zusammen mit Palmer verstehe ich den im Englischen am wenigsten. Jedenfalls wurde die Folge immer besser und hat mir Abstand die besten letzten zehn Minuten aller 24 Staffeln.