All those sets of Domination games are made to be more challenging

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    • All those sets of Domination games are made to be more challenging

      I've had more fun playing MyTeam in NBA 2K20 this year than I have since the mode was created, but there are still a couple of things about the quality that irks me. Everyone hates contracts, and that meaningless aspect of the mode will be removed for NBA 2K20, however, that is not the subject of my rant today. As I toil through Domination, because I'm inherently possessed with completing all the challenges and benchmarks NBA 2K MT sets before me MyTeam, I can't help but wonder how this tough grind could be made more fun to finish.

      Completing Domination is supposed to be a long process; no component of a game should be dull, although I get it. The opening pair of games are only painful to complete. It is called NBA Domination, and it works just as it sounds. You're tasked with controlling all 30 current NBA teams at a 5-on-5 game with five-minute quarters before continuing on to the more challenging Fantasy Domination set, and then finally All-Time Domination.

      All those sets of Domination games are made to be more challenging, but it takes so long to get to Fantasy and All-Time Domination, which I'd be interested in seeing just how many people really had the patience to perform all 30 of those games against the 30 current NBA teams.What's worse is that the difficulty level in NBA Domination is so low, anybody who has average experience with 2K will blow teams out by 45 points in all of the games. Gamers do not want a bushel of ridiculously challenging jobs standing in the way of the rewards they are chasing, but it's almost as bad if there is no struggle for this elongated period of time.

      I can see two ways 2K can correct this issue and thereby improve a mode that's already really good in many ways.Perhaps there are some players who do not mind playing 30 matches against NBA teams on Pro difficulty. Those gamers should still be allowed to keep this experience. However, 2K should provide a Superstar, All-Star, Guru and Hall-of-Fame problem option for every leg of Domination. Based upon the difficulty level you select, conclusion of the set will make you a different reward card. Maybe domination of 30 All-Time teams on HOF issue should produce a Galaxy Opal. Domination of 30 All-Time teams on Superstar can add a Pink Diamond for your group, and also out there is decreased by the rewards with this same format followed for Fantasy and NBA Domination.

      A challenge would be created by offering a higher difficulty level for gamers who would otherwise find themselves bored playing through the manner. If the reward is adequate, gamers would play through to obtain the card waiting for them at the end of the journey.Thirty games is a whole lot, and nba2king is even more of a drag when you are blowing a CPU opponent out. It would make the grind bearable if the quarter spans were trimmed to state three minutes In case the difficulty tiers aren't implemented. Twelve-minute games could offer like the Battle Royale games in MLB The Show's Diamond Dynasty to a quick-hitting experience. Triple-Threat provided a object of diversity into MyTeam. Dropping the quarter span might create another experience over the mode.